The Escape Room Norway Tonsberg

Experience the thrill and excitement of The Escape Room Tønsberg!
You will be part of a real life game where you and your team are “locked” into a room. Your objective is to work with your team to find clues, solve puzzles, and conquer games leading to your escape! You have only 60 minutes to complete all challenges and find your way out. Can you handle the pressure?
Find hidden keys and decipher various symbols, riddles and funny puzzles. Our Escape Rooms require imagination, communication, teamwork and tactics in order to collect and redeem all the clues in order to escape in time! Visit The Escape Room Tønsberg for an exciting and extraordinary experience!

All our themes and puzzles are in English!

Escape Room #1

The Oseberg ship and the stolen treasure

During the famed Tønsberg excavation of the richest burial findings from the Viking age, a large hoard of gold is stolen. The treasure is seemingly lost.

One day, pieces of the treasure start appearing on the black market. You and a team of investigators are assigned to assist the police in their investigations. You make a breakthrough in the case with a number of clues leading you to a mysterious, abandoned, run-down warehouse in Tønsberg.
You break into the building, to find out that you were right! You had found the perpetrator’s office!

As you go to leave, you realise the office door has seized up. You find yourselves caught in what appears to be a trap. You can hear an alarm sounding and the perpetrator is on their way! You have 60 minutes to escape before the dangerous villain returns!


Escape Room #2


You were on your way home after a night out with your friends. You didn’t live far away and the weather was nice, so you decided to walk instead of calling a taxi.

After a while you noticed a shadow following you. You turned to look, but there was nothing to see. You waited for a minute without seeing anything else and continued walking home.

You couldn’t shake the feeling that someone or something was following you and suddenly someone jumps you from behind! You were tackled to the ground; you tried to fight back but someone was on top of you pinning you down.
The last thing you remember is a chemical-laced rag being pressed against your face, unable to avoid breathing it in. You felt dizzy and then lost consciousness. Everything is dark.


You slowly start to regain consciousness.

«Hello?! Wake up! Wake up! He’ll be back soon!»

You are lying on a stone cold floor with a pounding headache. Nothing seems familiar; you have no idea where you are. You’re not sure if you’re dreaming, until.. SLAP. An open hand alarm clock. Through your heavy eyelids, you see someone standing over you.

«We’ve been kidnapped! But don’t freak out, we think we’ve found a way to escape, so we need to be quick! The kidnapper will be back soon!»


Escape Room #3

The Witness

(If you haven’t played escape rooms before, we recommend at least 3 people for this room.)

You were out and about on your afternoon walk, strolling along the beautiful Tønsberg sea-side walking trail admiring nature.

While passing an open field, you noticed something in the distance. Behind some rocks, you saw something moving. Something.. odd. Curiosity got the better of you and you decided to go and check it out. The closer you were, the worse you start to feel – something wasn’t right.

You saw a pair of feet protruding from behind the rocks and noticed a nearby shallow hole. Someone had been digging a shallow grave! You froze – unable to walk, run, or think. What was going on!?
Before you could process anything, a man shot out of the bushes. Like a raging bull they’re coming straight towards you!

It was obvious that you had seen something that you shouldn’t have and that this guy had something to hide. Without a thought, you started running back to the trail. With your legs barely able to catch up to the rest of you, you tried to lose the mad-man in an industrial area close by. You spotted a side door on a worn-down white warehouse and tried opening it to take refuge. You got lucky! The first door you tried wasn’t locked!

After entering, you managed to lock the door behind you just in time. Seconds later, the man starts slamming against the door and shouting. He is furious; banging the door with his fists and pulling down on the door-handle like crazy. You walk further into the warehouse. Behind you, you can hear the man swearing and threatening that he’ll be back with tools to break the door open.

All goes quiet, you are able to catch your breath, and you finally take in where you have found yourself. You’ve entered some kind of.. testing-room. A sick, twisted laboratory of human-based experiments.
You have to get out of here, and quick!

Escape the creepy laboratory and escape the building before the crazy murderer needs to dig a grave for you!

Escape Room #4

The Newsroom (Redaksjonen)

You’re a team of investigative journalists at an independent editorial department that, in the media industry, is only referred to as “The Newsroom”.
Your department delivers content to Norway’s leading media houses and is notorious for its deep-diving and no-holds-barred writing style. Every time the department publishes new material, this often sets the agenda in the country’s media landscape.

Criticism is not uncommon for The Newsroom, since the department stops at nothing in its search for scandals and big stories. In many controversial cases, the department has been repeatedly reported to the Press’s Professional Committee (PFU) for “violation of good press practice”.
As a result, The Newsroom experiences constant threats and lawsuits. To avoid physical danger, you’ve had to move your headquarters to a secret location somewhere outside Oslo.

Some years ago, The Newsroom published a series of articles that resulted in the police being able to roll up one of the largest criminal networks in recent history. Many were convicted and had to serve long prison sentences.
One of the goons involved lashed out at the court room press; bitter and angry, he swore revenge for those responsible in the investigation.

Several years later, those involved have served their time and are being released.


As a part of your job working as a journalist for “The Newsroom”, you and your colleagues are currently at work for what seems to be an ordinary day. Little do you know this soon could be your last..


We only offer group bookings of 3+ persons. Your group will exclusively have the room to yourselves.
Price NOK 385,- per person.


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