The Escape Room Norway Tonsberg

Experience the thrill and excitement of The Escape Room Tønsberg!
You will be part of a real life- game where you and your team are “locked” into a room. Find the clues. Solve puzzles and games! You have only 60 minutes to complete the challenges and find a way to escape before the time runs out.
Find hidden keys, follow the clues in forms of symbols, riddles and funny puzzles. Playing requires imagination, teamwork and tactics in order to collect and redeem all the clues in order to escape in time! Visit The Escape Room Tønsberg for an exciting extraordinary experience!
All our themes is in English!

Escape Room #1

Osebergskipet and the stolen gold treasure

During excavation in Tønsberg of the richest burial findings from the Viking age, a large hoard of gold is stolen. The treasure is lost.
Until one day, bits of the treasure start appearing on the illicit market. You and a team of investigators is assigned to assist the police in the investigation. You quickly make a breakthrough in the case. A number of clues lead you to a mysterious abandoned run-down warehouse in Tønsberg.
You break into the building, to find out that you were right! You had found the perpetrator’s office!
While you were breaking in, the door behind you had locked you up. And you find yourselves caught in something that seems to be a trap.
An alarm goes off and the perpetrator is on the way! You have 60 minutes to escape before the dangerous villain returns!



Escape Room #2


After a night out with your best friends, you’re heading back home. You loved walking, so you didn’t call a Taxi. You didn’t live far away, so it was a short stroll.
After a while you noticed a shadow following you. You turned to see, but it was gone gone. You waited for a minute without seeing anything more and started walking again.
While you were walking wondering who or what the shadow was, someone jumps you from behind! You fall hard to the ground. Lying there with someone on top of you holding you down. A handkerchief with chloroform is pressed against your nose and mouth. You feel dizzy and lose consciousness. Everything becomes dark.
– Hello! You must wake up! He’s crazy! He will be back soon!
You were lying on the stone cold floor. Your head felt like exploding. You had no idea of were you wore.
Someone claps o your cheek and you turn away in pain. Through your almost together glued-together eyes, you glimpse someone standing over you.
– Don’t be afraid! We’re also kidnapped! But we think we’ve found a way out, so we need to be quick! The kidnapper will soon be back!



Escape Room #3

The Witness

(If you haven’t played escape rooms before, you should be at least 3 people or more in this room.)

You where about walking. Just strolling along the nice walking-trail in Gods beautiful nature.
Just as you where passing an open field, you noticed something in the distance. Behind some rocks, there was movement of some sort. You got curious and decided to go and check it out. While you were approaching, you felt that something was wrong with the picture and fear came to your mind. 
You saw a pair of feet sticking out behind the rocks, and someone was digging a hole in the ground! You froze! What was going on!?
Then all hell broke loose. A person shoots out of the bushes. As a projectile he comes straight towards you! 
It was obvious that you had seen something that you shouldn’t have. And the guy running towards you, knew he had to stop you from running away telling the police. You turned around in a flash and started running for you life back the way you came. Running as fast as you could, you took a detour into an industrial area close by. Approaching the nearest door on a white wore-down warehouse, you try opening a door to take refugee. You’re lucky. The first door you tried wasn’t closed!
You got in and you’re able to lock the door behind you. You hear the man on the outside shouting. He is furious. Banging the door with his fists and pulling down the door-handle like crazy. You walk further into the warehouse. Behind you, you can hear the man swearing and screaming that he’ll be back with tools to break the door open.
All of a sudden it appears to you that the room you had entered was some kind of a testing-room. Where various tests was done on humans…
You had to hurry out. Out of the creepy room and escape the building before the furious criminal returned!


We do group bookings and you’ll get the whole room alone for your group. The group must consist of between 2 and 6 people. We charge 15% extra after 17:00 (5 PM) and on weekends/holidays. For earlybirds we have Super Tuesday every Tuesday before 17:00 (5 PM), with special prices of kr 245,- per. person when the group consits of 6 persons. Price variations may occur.

Price / Group Booking:
Kr 288, – per person when group of 6
Kr 298, – per person when group of 5
Kr 328, – per person when group of 4
Kr 358, – per person when group of 3
Kr 433, – per person when group of 2



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